Our Courses

We offer a variety of seminars that give the scoop on how to become a digital nomad. Digital nomads are people who are not restrained by location, but rather use the online world in order to build their own business. Therefore they can work from anywhere earning money from freelancing jobs and other online business, using nothing more than their laptop and an internet connection. Despite the positive aspects of this type of business, there are a few challenges that need to be considered first. To live a holistic life, you need different and various types of resources. When you know a lot of rules, you learn well enough when to break them.


Reframing Habits

Can we break a bad habit? In this seminar we will try to show you various methods on how to quitting smoking, based on the factual understanding of the harm done by this addiction as well as presenting a way to successfully keep this bad habit at bay.



  • Is unbelievably enjoyable to stay stopped?

Explore Your Personal Development

Discovering your passion is the key to living life to the fullest, a feat only few can even dream of. We feature the equation out for you. This task will not be simple, however without this course your excursion to joy will take longer.



  • How to discover what really matters to you?
  • Is there any practical methodology, with simple and defined steps?

New Horizons For Thinking

We have all faced this before, being stuck in a pattern of uncertainties, tormented by hesitation, incapacitated by the fear of failing to understand the situation. No one wants to live on  constantly overthinking, yet it doesn’t feel like something we can stop doing. It seems like something we have been programmed to do, something we can’t get away from. Is it though?



  • How do we handle our lives?
  • Do we utilize an important amount of energy, liberating us to focus on various aspects that are important throughout everyday life?


Build Deeper Relationships

Friendship is one of the most persuasive and significant connections a human life can contain. This can be said by anyone.  Yet, for all the ruddy feelings encompassing  friendship, a great many people don’t speak much about what it truly takes to remain nearby for the long stretch.




  • How do you create your interpersonal bonds?
  • Do you take time to value your friendship in their entire complexity?

Master The Art Of Loving

“Love” is a powerful world, especially when used as a verb. With this workshop we will show you how can “love” transform a society driven by loneliness   – Not the lack of romance per se but the lack of deep care, compassion for the person standing next to us.



  • Can someone change your life?
  • Is love a catalyst in evolving the human heart and mind?

The Principles Of Ecology

In this workshop, the dangers of global warming will be presented. This danger draws even closer as climate change starts to affect the foundations of our civilization while technological advances such as artificial intelligence threaten to wash away the essence of our human experience.



  • Can we avoid the impending challenges?
  • Can we salvage our planet and the core of our humanity as well?

Convert Ideas Into Reality

This course offers intense bits of knowledge into the “mystical” idea of inspiration. Embrace your curiosity and don’t let other distractions hold you back. We present the best way to handle what you most love, and how to tackle what you most dread. We examine the perspectives, approaches, and propensities you need to carry on with your most innovative version of your lives.





  • Can you strike a balance between soulful spirituality and cheerful pragmatism?
  • Would we be able to locate the hidden talents that are covered up inside each of us?

The Ultimate Art Course

With this seminar we will try to unravel your inner artist. We will  debunk the “I’m not talented enough” myth, that keeps holding you back and help you unleash your creativity.




  • How to say goodbye to any artistic blocks?
  • How to conquer self confidence and productivity?

Upskilling Persuasion

In this seminar we will show you how to achieve winning agreements both regarding work and your

private lives. We simplify the negotiation process in order to set up highly effective frameworks that will

ensure your success.



  • How to negotiate your position?
  • Do you keep people away from the problem?
  • Do you give more focus on objective criteria?

The Entrepreneur's Amazing Journey

This workshop characterizes a startup as an association devoted to creating something “new” under conditions of “extreme uncertainty” . The  approach encourages organizations that are both more capital productive and effectively promote human creativity. Propelled by lessons from lean assembling, it depends on “validated learning,” quick logical experimentation,  while promoting counter-intuitive practices in order to further improve the product development procedures, measure proper advancement without turning to vanity metrics, and realize what clients truly need. It empowers an organization to move forward in an agile way while adjusting its plans periodically.




  • How to adapt constantly, avoiding the point of no return?
  • How to oversee successful startups in an age when organizations need to innovate like never before?

Get Started With Marketing

To develop a fruitful business, you have to quit doing incoherent marketing  practices and begin following a solid plan in order to encourage fast business development.  Customarily, making a marketing plan has been a troublesome and tedious cycle, which is the reason why it regularly doesn’t see proper execution.




  • How to increase, as well as fully optimize your customer “base”?
  • Why should marketing strategies be custom-tailored for the type and size of your business, and why you should avoid borrowing ideas from Mega-Corporation’s strategies?
  • Ways to perform sales without being pushy, too needy , or unsavory while reversing the situation and having prospects imploring you to take their cash.

Fundamentals Of Business Mindset

With segments on gathering the right-kind of people with certain ranges of abilities, finding the correct product, grasping a viable yet lightweight cycle, and making a solid product culture, members can take the data they learn and quickly influence it inside their own associations—drastically improving their own product endeavors.



  • How do the current top organizations create, and distribute the products that have amassed the adoration of billions of individuals worldwide?
  • How to structure a lively and effective team focused around product organization?
  • How to find and convey items that your clients will adore—and that will fit your business structure?

Micro Focus Digital Era

The impact Internet innovation is having on the human brain. In this advanced age, we are overpowered by stimuli. Our PCs, telephones and digital equipment  grand us constant  access to apparently limitless data while giving us a sense of connection. We are more socially engaged and productive than ever – yet these advantages include some major drawbacks. We are exchanging valuable aptitudes for  knowledge that adjusts users to their PCs, rather than the opposite.




  • Is the web liable for complex ideas and creating unobtrusive human emotions?
  • Are there any anatomical changes in the mind triggered by utilization of web?

How To Master The Economic Philosophy

A seminar making you more insightful about the market and uncovering the keys to getting higher gains out of investing , by using index funds. It portrays the least complex and best venture procedure for building capital in the long run.



  • Form an extensively diversified, low-cost portfolio while minimizing dangers such as individual stocks, manager selection, or sector cycles.
  • Disregard the trends, and concentrate your efforts on what works in reality.
  • Comprehend that stock returns are created by dividend yield, earnings growth, and change in market valuation in order to set up realistic expectations for stock returns over the coming decade.


Live to Travel, Travel to Live

Do you want to broaden your horizons? This seminar will help you with everything from booking your trip economically to experiencing your travels by living like a native, even becoming a Digital Nomad in order to live abroad for a few years.




  • How to earn free Flights & Accommodation?
  • How to get paid to travel?

And many more to come..